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Polished Reserve

Polished Reserve: Eyelash Curler & Tweezer Set

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For dramatically beautiful curl use Poshmellow's Polish Reserve Eyelash Curler & Tweezer Set. It features thick, rounded silicone pads to create intense curl.

Includes: Eyelash Curler, Slanted Tweezer, and 2 Replacement Pads

Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean

Key Features

- Use to get long-lasting curled lashes both easily & safely
For all eye shapes.

- Incudes silicone rubber pad that applies the appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally.

- Add a swipe of your favorite mascara & curled lashes remain in perfect shape all day.

- Silicone lash pads won’t crimp or stick to lashes, unlike rubber pads that can cause irritation.

How To Use

Step 1: Open eyes wide to insert and center lashes. With curler pad placed at base of lash line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze.

Step 2: Hold for a few seconds, then open curler slowly to release lashes.

Step 3: Repeat up the length of lash from base to tip for an even more intense curl.

Use a tissue or dry cloth to wipe the eyelash curler and silicone pads clean between uses.


Keep out of reach of children.

Polished Reserve: Eyelash Curler & Tweezer Set
Polished Reserve: Eyelash Curler & Tweezer Set

Tips & Tricks

Always curl lashes before applying mascara.